2. Go Hiking in Bovec

 There are endless hikes in and around Bovec. Here are some of our favorites:

• > Hike to the Mlinarica Gorge - Take a bus from Bovec to the trailhead past the village of Trenta. It's a longer hike, but you'll see many waterfalls along the way and at the end of the trail is the source of the Mlinarca River coming out of a rock. Crazy!

Warning: The beginning of this hike is pretty easy though it is a bit up hill. However, the final section is for experience hikers only. It may look like I am goofing around, but always keep a hand on the fixed railing in the rock and be sure to hike in good shoes. And bring plenty of water at least 1 liter per person.

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Things to Do in Bovec Whitewater Kayaking

 We tried whitewater kayaking for the first time with Soca Rafting Co., and though it's harder than it sounds, it was a blast. I tipped 3 times, but the best part about tipping over is that the water was so clean I could take a gulp and feel utterly refreshed!

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Things to Do in Bovec

 1. Try an extreme sport

There’s an abundance of adventure sports – like whitewater kayaking, canyoneering, and zip-lining – centered around the stunningly clear Soča River (also known as the Isonzo River), a clear-turquoise river cutting through the charming mountain town. 

It's a popular getaway for Slovenians, this town is still relatively unknown to tourists.

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 Venture out of the charming capital city, Ljubljana, and make your way to way to Boveç (pronounced Bow-vetz) to get some quality time in nature.

While traveling in Romania, we met a young Slovenian woman who recommended we visit Boveç while in her home country. Whenever you get tips from locals, take them.

Boveç is a picturesque mountain village, that actually reminded us a lot of Leavenworth, WA where we lived for 8 months. It's small and surrounded by mountains with an amazing river flowing through it. Oh, and person we met was wonderful.

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Slovenian Phrases, Idioms & Slang 12

 13. he got fired…  he got put on the shoe”. (Dali so ga na čevelj).

14. Morning sex in Slovenia… “Rooster’s breakfast” (Petelinji zajtrk).

15. A Slovenian is not broke… he is “up on a dog” (On je na psu).

16. bankrupt… “on the drum” (Prišel je na boben).

17. she cheats on you… she “jumped over the fence” (Skače čez plot).

Slovenian Phrases, Idioms & Slang 11

 8. A Slovenian is not guilty… They “have a lot of butter on their head” (Ima veliko masla na glavi).

9. Slovenians don’t throw up… They “call the reindeers” (Kliče jelene).

10. They also don’t move away or die… They go to “whistle to the crabs” (Šel je rakom žvižgat).

11. Slovenians don’t laugh out loud… Rather they “grin like a roasted cat”. (Reži se kot pečen maček).

12. A Slovenian won’t say “Bloody Hell!”… They’ll say, “Three hundred hairy bears!” (Tristo kosmatih medvedov).

Slovenian Phrases, Idioms & Slang 10

 4. Slovenians don’t give up… They “throw a rifle into the corn” (Vržemo puško v koruzo).

5. A Slovenian won’t take the long way home… They’ll “go around the ass into the pocket” (Je šel okrog riti v žep).

6. A Slovenia won’t tell you to ¨Go to hell!¨… Rather they’ll say ¨Let the hen kick you¨ (Naj te koklja brcne).

7. Slovenians aren’t under pressure… They “have a bitch jumping into their ass” (Kuzla mu v rit skače).